A Konkdaddy Interview with a Modern Rock Star

We were able to catch up with a Modern Rock Star outside of a Beverley Hills bistro. He was able to answer a few brief questions for us.

KonkDaddy: When did you decide you wanted to pursue music as a career?

Modern Rock Star: I guess it was right after I drank my first Monster Energy drink. I got super amped and decided that I wanted to throw my support behind this product in any way I could. So I decided that I’d become a musician and eventually get big enough to headline tours sponsored by Monster Energy drink. That way, I could help get the word out on what a great product I think it is.

Konkdaddy: So you like the live performance aspect?

Modern Rock Star: Absolutely. Often when I’m on stage, looking out at the huge crowd of people I just think to myself, “Thank God TicketMaster has that $9.50 Service Charge.” I truly don’t know what concerts would be like if you didn’t spend a full day’s pay to see the performer.

Konkdaddy: Where do you find the inspiration to write your songs?

Modern Rock Star: I don’t think I’ve ever really been inspired per se. I kind of just write songs with viewpoints that I know people will agree with. I have one song where I say I don’t like bullies, because no one likes bullies. I have another song about how I like looking at photographs, because I think a lot of people like that too. Other times, I’ll just try to listen to what people are saying on the street. I’m in the process of writing a song called “Really??” But it’s got powerchords.

Konkdaddy: Where did you learn to play guitar?

Modern Rock Star: I never really learned how to play guitar. I play the synthesizer though. It’s like a mini-piano. I can’t play any chords, but I can play one note at a time. Usually I don’t like to overburden the listener with a lot of notes. Really three to four is perfectly enough for one song.

Konkdaddy: How long were you playing music before you were discovered?

Modern Rock Star: I put my heart and soul into the craft for about 3 months before I got some serious attention. I put a funny video of me and my cat playing my synthesizer on YouTube and it got like 3 million hits in two days. I got a call two days later from Kanye West who signed me on the spot.

Konkdaddy: What’s your next project?

Modern Rock Star: Well me and my “band” have an album due out in February. Then we’re going to put another one out a few months after, then we’ll put another one out right after that. I’m not sure we have enough quality songs right now, but I’m sure we’ll produce a good amount of filler to make each album at least 12 tracks.  We’ll probably stretch one album’s worth of tracks into about five actual LPs.

Konkdaddy: Do you have a soul?

Modern Rock Star: It wouldn’t appear that way.