Mary had a Little Lamb: As Told by the Mars Volta

Editor’s Note:  This is yet again an extremely specific topic.  Move along if you are not interested.  The Mars Volta is a band that is way over the top.   Their music is complicated, confounding, and completely incomprehensible nearly 60% of the time.  They make you ask important questions like, “Do you speaky da English?” and “Was that the sound of an alligator burp?”  This is their take on a classic nursery rhyme.  

Pastoral gestures twisted in a blanket of sulphur.
It’s pock-marked aberration faced decadence
with a cold shoulder and bare-handed scoop.
There’s a blank bonnet digesting in the winds of the
on the hills of Gogol and bounding back.

(16 minute Theremin solo.  It sounds like a robot mother just lost her only human son in a boating accident.)

Tell the judges and seraphim to regard the lamb.
Tell the judges and nephilim to shear my hand.
Tell the judges to back their plan with guilt.
Tell Ehud to sink his dagger to the hilt.

(7 minute pan flute solo with 12 time signature changes.  You hear the sound of ice chips being gnashed between the teeth of a 3-year-old Koala Bear.  At least that’s what you think it is.)

Blister packets filled with wool can’t be bothered to scab.
Table scrapes solid shavings of a consternation.
Mary’s high-heeled sarcophagus skips a beat.
Mary’s high-heeled sarcophagus skips a beat.

(This verse is repeated 42 times.  The song continues indefinitely with an orchestra of tree frogs singing, “Amazing Grace”.  You are eventually driven into madness.)