“Letter B” Pulls Ads Off of Sesame Street After Controversy

Sesame Street, NY – Kermit the Frog has been a mainstay of the Sesame Street News team for several years. Although the amphibious reporter has been off-camera for some time, he has still enjoyed a Chief Editor role behind the scenes of Sesame Street News Flash. However, a scandal regarding recent memos sent by Kermit to his producers has advertisers ready to jump ship.

Last month, a controversial e-mail was leaked to the New York Times from an anonymous source at Sesame Street News Flash. The e-mail was sent by Kermit to his line producers, instructing them to frame the news in a way that was “consistent with our values.” Specifically, Kermit called out that reporters must refer to HealthCare reform as “socialist experimentation” and Solar Energy as “a sci-fi fantasy.” Most egregiously, Kermit instructed the producers of the team covering the recent Humpty Dumpty incident, in which a talking egg fell off of a wall, to “make sure to blame Barack Obama for this. Even if you have to stretch the truth.”

"In your opinion Mr. Dumpty, is Nancy Pelosi a disciple of Stalin?"

This memo calls Kermit the Frog’s objectivity into question. Advertisers are already anxious about the leak. It was announced last week that the Letter B would be pulling all advertising support away from the program. A spokesperson for the Letter B said, “We were once proud to have segments ‘Brought to you by the Letter B.’ We felt that our ad dollars were spent on a news organization with integrity. It appears that is not the case. We felt it was the best thing for our company and customers if we were to part ways.”

Kermit’s recent autobiography Being Green is Better Than Being Red: Treatises on the Evils of Marxist Culture shed more light onto the Frog’s lack of objectivity. In the book he calls Vice-President Joe Biden “a fascist shill”; Hillary Clinton “a hatchet-faced goblin”; and President Obama “a jihadist Cosmonaut sent from Russia to abduct American children and steal their eyeballs.”

"Hi ho! Kermit the Frog here. I'm speaking with the upstanding capitalist citizen, Mr. Wolf, who will be blowing this dilapidated house down in order to build a much needed retail center."

Sesame Street News Flash has always had great respect amongst the tele-journalism community for its “straight news.” Kermit’s coverage of the Three Little Pigs catastrophe is still viewed as the gold standard in fantasy reporting. But Kermit’s status as a “straight news” editor and his use of vehement anti-left rhetoric in company communication has many calling for his resignation.

The Children’s Television Workshop will be conducting a full internal investigation to examine if any of Kermit’s actions violated company policy.