Steve Byrne and the Pittsburgh Takeover

Yet another home-grown comedian has made an enormous stride. Comedian Steve Byrne has just landed his own show on TBS called “Sullivan and Son.” The first run of the show will be about 10 episodes long and will be set in Pittsburgh. Finally, we can hear classically trained actors attempt speak Yinzer and expose the flaws in their research.

Steve is originally from Pittsburgh’s North side (technically Hampton) but he’s been a nationally touring comedian for a long time now. I’ve been lucky enough to work with him on at least one occasion. One Saturday night, probably 4 years ago, Terry Jones and I stopped in to see his show. We were on our way to a crap bar gig and introduced ourselves after he had finished up his set. Steve said we should come down on Saturday just to do a quick guest set. So we did. It was one of the first times that I truly felt a little part of the broader community of stand-up comedians. You could tell he was trying to pay forward some favor that had probably been done for him when he was starting out. He also gave us a copy of his DVD 13 or Bust, which basically follows Steve’s one night journey to play all thirteen of the comedy clubs in NYC in one night. It is truly one of the unheralded inspirational comedy documentaries.

This is all to say that with Steve Byrne, Billy Gardell and Anthony Jeselnik all gaining national attention it’s becoming abundantly apparent: people are buying whatever we’re selling. I know that just because every one of those comics is from Pittsburgh doesn’t necessarily mean that there qualities are identical. But there is a common thread.

Check out the interview Steve did with WDVE today. CLICK HERE.