So Long (to a Joke)

Me:   Of course all of my guy friends are giving me grief over my engagement.  They keep saying, “ I don’t know how you’re going to do it dude.  One chick the rest of your life?  The same thing over and over again?”   But I’m a creature of habit.  They should know that.  I’ve had the same thing for breakfast for 8 years running.  How could I cheat my girlfriend when I don’t even cheat on my pop-tarts?

Audience:  (silence)


My hat lifts off my shaded head.
I’m pushed by the cold wind
Standing over another gravestone;
I’ve come to bury another friend.

The somber silence envelops us now,
A misty reminder of your life on the stage.
You had my heart in your crystal window
Yet you couldn’t survive on the wrinkled page.

The battle claimed a youngster sent to war.
Melancholy isn’t a hobby I wish to pursue.
But I never got any laughs or chuckles
When I stood up there telling you.

I’ll still sprinkle the dust on your silent shell.
No carrion crow can ever make fun
Of my noble ally. Picking at the bones,
Cawing to the crowd, “We’ve slain another one!”

One day the rapture will raise you up
In a burst of earth and flame.
We’ll sew our stitches from across dark bridges
And unite them under one loving name.

Sleep for now, my fragile joke.
Rest in peace and grow strong.
I’ll soon find a notepad with your name
I’ll see you again…but for now:
So long.