Class Action Defamation Suit Filed Against AFV

El Paso, TX –  ABC’s and its parent company, the Disney Corporation, find themselves at the end of yet another class action lawsuit asserting that America’s Funniest Home Videos has defamed the Piñata industry over several years and resulted in declining sales.

In a statement today, ABC Worldwide General Counsel said, “We are disappointed to be included in this lawsuit.  We feel that we have been vilified for showing, what we feel, are accurate and correct depictions of Piñata mishaps all over the world.  At ABC, we take the journalistic integrity very seriously and are committed to AFV remaining accurate and hilarious.”

Prosecutors make a compelling case.  They claim to have logged hundreds of video clips shown by AFV depicting Piñatas celebrations as dangerous, farcical and superfluous.

“The Piñata has a wonderful history of being completely safe and fun,” says Hector Amante, spokesperson for San Antonio retailer Piñatas, Piñatas, and More.  “America’s Funniest Home Videos has repeatedly and willfully shown Piñatas in a negative and inaccurate light and our business has suffered because of it.”

Many organizations have thought about filing a similar suit against AFV but haven’t had the resources to go through with it.  The Fainting Groomsman for Equality, International Baby Food Tasting Organization, and PETA’s Dog Humiliation Council all have started initial documentation but never brought the suits to court.

“A consumer’s decision to purchase a Piñata should not need to be unfairly influenced by America’s Funniest Home Videos,” concluded Amante.  When asked how many times that he personally has been injured in Piñata-related incidents, he replied, “Eight times, but only two of those incidents were considered ‘serious’ from a medical standpoint.”

Tom Bergeron could not be reached for comment.