August 27, 2011

Everyone loves Southwest, but I don’t see what the big deal is.  “Well there are no assigned seats.”  Yeah, but that’s horrendous.  I like an assigned seat.  There’s no grey area.  You are clear on where you’re going.  When they announce, “Now Boarding” on Southwest, all the passengers rush through the door like Wal-Mart customers on Black Friday.  There are people getting trampled, bitten, and probably robbed.

I was on a Southwest flight this week and I literally got recruited as I boarded the plane.  It’s understandable.  Think about it: I’m a catch as far as being a seat-mate goes.  I’m 160 pounds.  I look relatively hygienic.  I’m was walking through the aisle looking for an open seat and people were literally beckoning me into their row.

This couple practically grabbed me out of the aisle and said, “Do you want to sit here?  You might as well sit here.  You should just sit here.”  The guy offered me a signing bonus on the spot.

It’s a smart move on their part.  They could can take a gamble and hope that the seat doesn’t get filled at all.  Or they could risk getting stuck with the 400-pound onion salesman carrying a DVD player with no headphones.

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