What is Purgatory?

July 22. 2011

I stand in this neon blue box,

sparking lights and signatures.

This sterile, cold platform

and I am master of it by now.

How long has it been?

How long have I been here?

Years and years blend

like frosty mist and steamy vapor.

I might’ve been a young man

and the neon blue light called to me

in the Hollywood hills,

blinking on some backlot.

But I’ve grown old here

if there is such a thing.

My mustache’s missing, though

I can’t remember how.

I seem to stay longer then most.

They merry-go-round for a few days.

I ask them answers and

they reply with questions.

The last was a bright boy

from Moscow, Idaho.

He went to school and his

grandma knew Orville Redenbacker.

But he didn’t say the final fact.

And he’s moved on now.

Clear categories and nothing changes.

The answer for $800:

this neon blue box.

The correct question:

what is Purgatory?

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