The Birds & the Bees & the Praying Mantises

February 26, 2011

Young Praying Mantis: Daddy where do babies come from?

Father Praying Mantis: Well, you see son, when a Daddy praying mantis loves a Mommy praying mantis they have a very special way of showing it.

The Daddy usually jumps onto the Mommy’s back and clasps her thorax and wing bases with his forelegs. He then arches his abdomen and deposits sperm in a very special chamber near the tip of the Mommy’s abdomen. The Mommy then excretes a frothy discharge which contains 100 fertilized eggs.  This froth then hardens, creating a protective capsule.

Young Praying Mantis: Eww!

Father Praying Mantis: It’s perfectly natural.  And if you’re not careful afterwards the Mommy Praying Mantis will try to bite your damn head off.

Young Praying Mantis: Why does she do that?

Father Praying Mantis: I don’t know!  So she can eat the fragments of your skull for sustenance.  God!  Aren’t they supposed to be teaching you this stuff in school?

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