The Batcave

April 3, 2011

Bruce Wayne (dialing Batphone): OK let’s give this one a shot.

Receptionist: Hello, G&G Contracting this is Gloria.  How may I help you?

Bruce Wayne:  Hi Gloria, my name is Bruce Wayne.  I was hoping to get someone out to my place for an estimate on a job.

Receptionist: Let me transfer you over to Frank.

Bruce Wayne: Great.

Frank: Frank here.

Bruce Wayne: Hi Frank.  My name is Bruce Wayne.  Gloria transferred me back to you.  I’m looking to have someone come out to my place for an estimate.

Frank:  Sure thing.  What kind of job are you looking at?

Bruce Wayne:  Hmm, it’s a bit complex I suppose.

Frank: Residential? Industrial?

Bruce Wayne:  Uh…I think it’s a bit of both.  I’m trying to expand my basement.

Frank: How so?

Bruce Wayne:  There’s a cave underneath my residence and I was hoping to spruce it up a bit.  Make it a little more functional down there.

Frank: Oooh.  Well that’s a little tricky when you talk about subterranean contracting.  There’s a big liability to building in caves.  The Gotham Conservation Society usually throws a fit because of the potential to mess up the city’s water table or some bull crap.

Bruce Wayne:  I’m happy to pay whatever it takes.  Insurance.  Whatever.

Frank:  And when you say spruce it up, what were you thinking?

Bruce Wayne:  I’d like to get some ideas from you on what we can have down there.  But off the top of my head I’d like to at least have a full service garage, an airplane hangar, a boat dock, and a few supercomputers.  Maybe a weapons laboratory.

Frank: Did you say weapons laboratory?

Bruce Wayne: Oh. I meant just a regular laboratory.  I…like science.

Frank: Have you thought about some of the logistics?  Plumbing?  Electric?

Bruce Wayne: Again, I’m not really sure what your area of expertise is or what you’re able to sub-contract out to specialists, but a nuclear power generator seems like it would make the most sense.  Have you ever done anything of this scope before?

Frank: Actually we just hired on an architect who built this whole “Danger Room” for Xavier’s School for the Gifted in Westchester County.  There was some bald professor up there who had some deep pockets and he wanted a lot of the same stuff you were looking for: medical labs, lasers cannons, and one huge supercomputer that could link to the minds of every human and mutant on Earth.  Pretty standard stuff.

Bruce Wayne: Oh.  Well that’s great.

Frank:  And you say that money is really no object?

Bruce Wayne:  I suppose you should never say that phrase to a General Contractor but for all intents and purposes…no.  It’s really not.

Frank:  Ok, Mr. Wayne.  I’m just crunching the numbers in my head and off the top, I’d say we’re looking at (at the best) 9 month completion time.  Probably in the neighborhood of 20-25 million dollars.

Bruce Wayne:  Whew!  That’s a lot.  But that’s the best price I’ve heard so far.

Frank:  Well how about I come out with some guys on Monday morning so we can give you a real estimate and we can talk from there.

Bruce Wayne:  That sounds great.

Frank: Mr. Wayne, can I ask where you heard about G&G Contracting?

Bruce Wayne: Oh.  I found you guys on Angie’s List.

Frank:  Great.  Ok.  See you Monday morning.

Bruce Wayne:  Thanks.  See you then.

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