Ode to the Guy Who Cut in Line at the Airport

June 15, 2011

Hello there, my brand new friend.

I see you’ve sidled up behind me.

I’ve been waiting 20 minutes for the

TSA to scan my shoes, patiently.

You spin your head around,

Looking for those who would call you out.

But eyeballs are buried in Blackberrys

So they miss your circuitous route.

“Man, this line is crazy,” you say to me

As you put your bag against the wall.

But I know exactly what your doing, my friend

And I don’t approve at all.

For Karma is important, pal.

Especially in the air.

Why would you tempt the forces of nature

To punish you while you’re up there?

We get past the first guard.

Looks like you’ll get off Scot-free.

I’m scared that if I yell and complain now

That guard will tazer me!

This is goodbye, my dear old friend.

You’ll pass the TSA’s inspection.

Have a nice flight to Dallas, buddy

I hope you get a bladder infection.

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