Memorial Day

May 30, 2011

I’ve always been really captivated by the history of war in this country.  I love reading books about it, watching documentaries.  To me the natural state of war is just about the most terrifying thing I can possibly imagine.  Yet generation after generation, soldiers go through the same process.  Braving horrendous living conditions, emotionally shattering trauma and all doing it in the name of duty and honor.

I watched the Ken Burns documentary called “The War” on PBS.  One interview from that film has always stuck with me.  I luckily found a clip of it on Youtube.

That is without a doubt the most badass thing ever said by a human being.  He scared a Japanese commander into backing down by threatening to haunt him?!?!

Now I want you to take another bite of your potato salad and look at the man wearing the little American Flag pin sitting across the picnic table from you.  It might be your grandpa.  It might by your uncle.  It might be someone you don’t know.

That man endured some of the most insanely horrifying scenes in human history and got through them because he became more frightening than the situation.

Love them.  Bring them back.

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