It’s Time for a Slump

February 12, 2011

It’s that time of year again.  The February sky is foreboding and grey.  Seasonal Affective disorder has fully gripped the citizens of the Northeast.  Motivation to get out of bed is at an all time low.  All of these ingredients begin to congeal and coagulate until all comedy dies.

The comedy slump is fast approaching.  I’ve written about the dreaded slump before.  It’s a time immediately after I’ve had some moderate success that my ego and creativity contracts back into that tortoise shell that I call my mind.  In 4.5 years of performing comedy, the slump has never ceased to rear its ugly head right around this time.

Aside from the weather, there are some factors that I can take responsibility for.  Probably the major one being that this is my busy time for my day job.  Every year I do a lot of traveling right around now.  It’s hard to keep momentum flowing when you are out of commission for weeks at a time.  The schedule of open-mics that I perform at gets all messed up.  My joke writing routine becomes watered-down and haphazard. I’d like to do something to change that. Except it is hard for me to complain about being sent to Florida for two weeks in the dead of winter.  So I think I’ll count my blessings rather than blame them.

This year I’m hoping will be different though.  I’ve scheduled a lot of shows far out in advance.  This will hopefully give me a reason to look ahead and say, “Oh yeah.  That is coming up.  I better work on some stuff for that.”

Doing a show in WV tonight.  Then I’ve got a couple more scheduled for outside the “Pittsburgh Metro” market.  These are fun for two reasons: 1) crowds are always pumped.  A lot of people out that far can’t make the trip into the city to take in a show, so when the show comes to them they are thankful and energetic.  2) I can do older material. When I do the same jokes in the same room they start to feel older than they actually are.  But if I go to a new room I can revisit a lot of the jokes that I love.

Avoid the slump.

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