May 5, 2011

Bragging rights are so important amongst friends.  They will never ever let anything go either, it can be the dumbest thing ever and as long as it bolsters your ego, you will never let it go.  For example, in 6th grade I layed down the biggest Trivial Pursuit: Star Wars edition beat down on my friend Eric.  I’m talking a total skunking.  And I still hold onto that stupid event to this day.  Any time he wants to brag about something I just bring that back up.

He called me the other day:

“I just got a new job.”

“Oh really…they actually hire people into the workforce who don’t know how many parsecs it took for the Millennium Falcon to complete the Kessle Run!?!  BOOM!  Less than 12 parsecs!!  BOOM!  Don’t even act like you have a clue which star system Corellia is located in!”

The lesson I learned later was that when it come to Star Wars Trivial pursuit….there are no winners.

Eric had it coming though.  One time me, Eric and two other friends were standing around in a yard tossing a frisbee around.  You know, just in a square.  We were throwing it diagonal and across and really not going in any particular order.  About a minute goes by and Eric pipes up and says, “You know, no one has thrown me the frisbee in like 6 turns.”

The three women who read Konkdaddy aren’t going to laugh at that.  Because they just don’t get it.  Guys get it.  You don’t complain about how many times you get tossed a frisbee!!  It’s one of those things that it’s just hard to explain why exactly it’s wrong.  Because if you look at it from Eric’s point of view, he was getting left out.  But from our point of view he can go to Hell.  You can’t tell us how many times we’re supposed to throw you the frisbee!  You are dealing with men here.

So, being three full-grown adults, we did the only responsible thing we could…we played a new game called “Keep Not Throwing the Frisbee To Eric Until He Gets Mad and Goes Inside.”

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