March 17, 2011

The world does an excellent job of maintaining balance in my comedy life.  I can never get too low without being picked up; never too high without me being cut down.  The last week of comedy was a great example of this.

I ‘ve a been on a pretty decent roll in terms of joke-writing.  I’d say that I’ve written solid (key word) 15 minutes of material over the past few weeks.  That may not seem like a much, but I’ve been writing everyday so to get a solid (key word) 15 minutes out of the larger body of work is pretty good.

I was riding high.  My head was getting a little big.  It all culminated last Thursday at Papa J’s.  I had written 7 minutes of new material that day and performed it that night.  All 7 minutes went over really well.  I began to convince myself that I could do no wrong.  I had figured out the formula.  This comedy thing is easy.

The world, it seems, took notice of my cavalier attitude and decided to give me a little hip check into the comedy boards.

Monday night, I went to the Duke’s Station open mic armed with the same jokes I’d performed 4 nights ago.  These jokes were iron-clad in my mind already.  I was sure they’d get a great response.  So I didn’t practice them beforehand like I normally do.  I didn’t rewrite them during those 4 days to see if they could be made better.  I just took my confident self down to Homestead and got up on stage.

And I bombed.

To give you an idea, I didn’t even say a closing joke.  I just gave up.  I got flustered halfway through, thanked the crowd, and walked off.  And I can honestly say that I haven’t been that embarrassed of myself on stage for a while.

So I sat down at the bar with Danny Palumbo and John Evans and started dissecting what happened.  Basically, I came to the conclusion that when you get confident, you get lazy and open yourself up to having your knees taken out by an audience who doesn’t give a crap about how great you think you are.

Have you ever seen a guy who deserved to get punched in the face…get punched in the face?   More often than not, that guy will shake his head and say to himself, “Yep.  I had that one coming.”  That was me on Monday.

However, my ying didn’t let my yang get too down on myself.  After the show ended and the audience dispersed, a guy came up to me and said, “You had some hilarious stuff.”

I knew it.  I don’t suck.  In fact, I’m awesome.  I’m so freaking awesome.

I’ll just wait this week for the world to give me a comedy cross-check and then a comedy face-wash.

The circle of life continues.

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