Realistic Superhero Headlines: Daredevil

Blind Man Falls from Rooftop

Hell’s Kitchen, NY — A New York City man who plunged 40 stories from the roof of an apartment building has survived after crashing onto a parked car.

Witnesses and police say 32-year-old Matt Murdock jumped from the high-rise at W. 63rd Street on Tuesday. He landed in the backseat area of a Dodge Charger after crashing through the rear windshield.

He suffered broken legs. Police say he’s in critical condition.

Murdock, a skilled and respected prosecution attorney, was found dressed in a red jumpsuit, which he had apparently put on backwards.  When Police questioned him about why he was on the roof in the first place, Murdock replied, “To fight crime.”

“We couldn’t really help but laugh at him,” said Officer Markus Pallten.  “I think it’s commendable that he wants to help out, but I think we all know that a blind guy running around on rooftops is an extraordinarily bad idea.”

The car’s owner, Guy McCormack, of Old Bridge, N.J., told the New York Daily News he’s convinced that rosary beads he kept inside the Dodge saved Murdock’s life

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