Man Embarrassed by Un-Original Costume

November 1, 2010

State College, PA  –  Guests at Mike Chaplain’s Halloween party filed out in disgust around 11:45 PM last night.  The cause for the sudden exodus was Tim Trefil’s extremely lame costume.

“A baseball player?” remarked one guest.  “Give me a break.”

When questioned, Trefil responded by turning slightly red and saying, “What?  No good?”

The photos from last year’s party had been posted on Facebook several weeks prior, therefore all guests were well aware of the high standards of a Chaplain-thrown Halloween party.

“I mean one guy made a Transformers costume that actually transformed into a car!” said Lauren Breverton, who dressed as Cruela DeVille from 101 Dalmatians, complete with real fur coat and vintage cigarette holder.  “Then Tim showed up wearing a Phillies jersey and jeans and tried to say he was ‘Chase Utley.’  That doesn’t count.”

“I don’t see how this isn’t a costume,” said Trefil defending himself from the judgmental looks of other attendants.

Trefil’s case is not a unique one however.  All over State College there were reports of extremely clichéd costumes causing mass eye-rolls.  Grant Libera and girlfriend Gina Kennedy’s “Doctor and Sexy Nurse” costumes made friends suspect of their creative abilities.  Paul Calman, Andy Thompson, Malik Jaheer, Mike Boskov, Mike Patterson, Frank Patterson, and John Riggles all dressed as Borat.  It made for an awkward interaction whenever they saw each other on the street.

Linda Queeg went as “a mouse” donning only a plastic headband with furry ears that she bought for $4.99 at Walgreens.

“Way to go all out on that one,” an anonymous reveler commented.

Police are still investigating whether charges should be filed.

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