Hot Dips

October 7, 2010

I’ve started to realize the lengths that we go to please the women in our lives.  My girlfriend calls me the other day and says:

Girlfriend: Can you stop into Barnes and Nobel and pick up some books for me?

Me: Sure.  What are the book names?

Girlfriend: Delicious Dips and Great Party Dips.

Me: Of course!  One can never have too many books about dips laying around.

Girlfriend: Here’s the thing.  I ordered two but I only actually want to buy one.

Me:  That makes perfect sense.  Which one would you like me to purchase, my dear?

Girlfriend: Which ever dip book has more recipes for hot dips then buy that one.

Me: Hot dips?

Girlfriend: Like dips you put in the oven and serve hot.

Me:So you want me to go into Barnes and Nobel, walk up to the cashier and say “I have two books on hold, one is called Great Party Dips and the other is called Delicious Dips.  I only want one of them.  That being the one with more hot dips contained within the dip book.”  Then you want me to peruse those dip books and note the volume/ frequency of hot dips.  The book with the highest recipe count of hot dips will be the one I purchase?

Girlfriend: Yes.

Me: OK.  Love you, bye (blow kiss)

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