3 Year Super Villain Business Plan: Sinister 6

October 23, 2010

The Executive Summary

Over the past decade, New York has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of super-hero activity.  This has made it difficult for criminals to operate and terrorize the citizens of this city.  In the last 8 quarters, the Sinister Six has not showed a profit.  The same tactics just won’t work in the world of crime.  New tactics must be employed and our thinking must remain outside of the box.  We have created a 3-year plan in order to once again move the Sinister Six to the top of all Super-Villain firms.

The Industry

Ever since 9/11, and the passage of the Patriot Act, increased surveillance has made it difficult to operate in the criminal world.  Kidnapping, property damage, and general chaos are much more difficult to get away than in previous years.  However, bank robberies, murders, and retail theft still remain at the strong core of criminal activity.  The focus will be to expand and strengthen these core crimes, while adding new ones to the portfolio: mass poisonings, identity theft and cyber-bullying.

Market Analysis

Our core market remains the NY Metro area.  Not only is the market rife with opportunities for crimes, we have been very pleased with the labor available. The quantity of henchmen in this city is unmatched.  Also, the high unemployment rate continues to suppress their wages, making operating costs significantly lower than in other areas of the country.  Also, the diversity of the city allows us to make easy in roads with other international crime syndicates: the Yakuza, the MS-13, and the Mafia.  Their partnership is key in order to successfully complete some of our bigger projects.

However, super-hero concentration is still among the highest of any Metropolitan area.  It is not only quantity but quality as well.  While some other cities may have more super-heroes per capita, New York is home to 16 of the top 20 active super-heroes today ranked by a US Today poll.

Competitive Analysis

As stated in the last paragraph, the challenge is great.  Our adversaries pose a great risk to us on a continual basis.

• Spider-Man

• The Fantastic Four

• Sub-Mariner

• Iron Man

• Captain America

Operating Plan

Year 1: Spread rumors and gossip about the super-heroes listed above in the hopes that they will turn on each other.  Ex. Iron Man is sleeping with the Invisible Woman.

Year 2: Frame Spider-man for killing a New York City Firefighter.  This should cause significant division between the groups and local law enforcement.

Year 3: There will be so much in-fighting that the Sinister Six should be able to operate under the radar.  Comparable revenue should increase at least 18% year-to-date.

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