Inside the Improv Green Room: Pablo Francisco

January 7, 2011

As the New Year rolls in we (me) here at would like to renew our (my) commitment to you the readers (Eric, Justin and possibly my Mom from time to time) that we (I) will try to keep the site updated with the most original content possible.

But guess what?  I’m busy.  You’re busy.  Who has time to read all of those lengthy, insightful and admittedly interesting blog articles?  I mean, 450 words?!?  Wrap it up already!  This isn’t AP English class.  Give me the bullet points so I can get on with my life already!

So here’s the weekend with Pablo Francisco, condensed for your convenience:

• Big surprise, I got the gig because of magnanimous gesture from Bill Crawford, who was double booked that weekend.

• The Improv Manager warned me that some crazy stuff might happen b/c Pablo is a notoriously erratic party animal that may be destined to go the same way as Chris Farley.

• Apparently, he’s flat out not shown up to gigs before, leaving the poor little MC to entertain an extremely irritated audience for an entire show.

• The feature comedians who were traveling with him were supposedly very big enablers of Pablo’s bad decisions, leading most of the Improv’s wait-staff to believe that I would be faced with some terrible situations over the course of the weekend.

• I was hyperventilating at that point.

• Of course, nothing bad at all happened the entire weekend.  Even when I heard Pablo hadn’t even got back to his hotel room until Noon on Saturday, he still showed up on time for the 7:00 show.  My mountain shrunk back to a molehill.

• I’ve evolved in my belief of what my role as the MC should be.  About a year ago, I thought it was OK to suck as long as the show was good.  I’m in a different place now.  I’m trying to blow the doors off of that room and chase the feature act off of the stage.  I want the next comedian to be saying “Crap! I have to follow that?” before he/she goes on.  It’s evolution baby.

• I haven’t taken my usual buddy-buddy pictures with the last two comedians I worked with because I really didn’t feel like there was an actual rapport there.  With Josh Blue, Bert Kreischer, or Juston McKinney, I at least felt like we had some type of friendly relationship at the end of the weekend.  I probably didn’t say more than a sentence to Pablo on any given night.  “Good stuff man.”  “Nice set dude.”  “You gonna eat that?”

• Also, while I’ll probably continue to get some pictures with all those famous people (I want to take up scrapbooking when I retire), I will admit that it seems a little insecure / desperate.  I’ve heard that comedians who haven’t worked with the national headliners just go to their shows, grab a picture with them afterwards and pass it off as though they did.  I wish I would have thought of that…

Dammit!  I tried to be concise and it’s still 528 words.  Blaise Pascal (I have no clue who that is either) once said, “I have made this longer than usual, only because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”

So there.

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