Hip Hop vs. The Recession

March 29, 2010

This recession is still hitting everyone.  It’s only a matter of time before it effects the very rich.  I can’t wait to see how rappers adapt to the situation.  I hear 50 cent has been devalued to 35.2 cent.  They’re not going to be flossin’ at the same level as usual.  No more riding spinners.  No more bling-bling.

Bow Wow will move out of his 17-room Orange County mansion and move back in with his parents like a normal 24 year old male.

Snoop Dog will stop buying Purple Haze and start buying dirt cheap brown weed.

Lil’ Wayne will use discretion now when he thinks about getting yet another tattoo.  “Yea, man I don’t think I need this third Tazmanian Devil.”

Because let’s be honest:  mo’ money = less problems.

But these hard times could be useful.  Rap is the voice of the young community.  It is a way we in Generation Y get information in the to our fellow men.  I feel the need to use this medium as a way to educate my brothers and sisters in the ways of fiduciary responsibility.  So I’ve created a Pseudonym.  I’m now Randy the Responsible Recession Rapper and I only rap about useful financial practices.

My First song is “Pay Down Your Debt, Ho.”

It’s times like this; you know we’re in a recession

GDP down two quarters keeps us all guessing.

What’s the future hold for a homey like me?

What the hell should I do with these stacks of money?

I could put them in stocks or an IRA

I could put them in bonds or a 401(k)

But investing in Wall Street is still a risky bet.

I should probably pay off my credit card debt. (credit card debt)

A little bit more off your principle

You’ll be feeling downright invincible.

Cause interest payments are a waste of time.

Refinance your mortgage now you’re feeling fine.

Pay your debt down, ho!

Pay your debt down, ho!

Word to your emergency fund…

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