CEO of a Tobacco Company:  Well Jake, let’s hear your latest idea.

Jake the Advertising Executive: Yes, sir!  Well me and the boys in the department have been doing a lot of market research.  We’ve noticed a demographic that we haven’t captured yet: closeted gay cowboys.

CEO: Interesting…please continue.

Jake: Well, with the film Brokeback Mountain being nominated for so many awards, we felt that now would be the perfect time to launch a tobacco product geared toward the man who works hard on the ranch, but on his downtime he likes to sit back, have a mild cigar and watch a Kathy Griffin DVD.

CEO: I like it!  What will the product be called?

Jake:  How about…Ram Rod?

CEO: That’s a brilliant idea!  It has gun imagery and sexual innuendo.  You never cease to amaze me!






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