Anyone Who Likes Danity Kane…

Editor’s Note:  This is another old post.  I was much more agitated several years ago, when these idiots were actually popular.

2nd Editor’s Note: Apparently they just released another album.  So…yeah…

Be ashamed of yourself. Repent your ways immediately.  There is no excuse that you can make if you like Danity Kane.  I’ll bet some of you are saying “Nobody likes Danity Kane.”

However, “the album sold over 90,000 copies in the first day of release, and over 234,000 in the first week of release. It eventually debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, knocking veteran Christina Aguilera‘s Back to Basics from the top spot and out-selling hip-hop duo OutKast. So far, the album has sold more than 1,020,000 copies domestically.”(

Over 1 million copies domestically??  1 MILLION COPIES?!!? They outsold Christina Aguilera, a girl who can actually sing, and OutKast, one of the most creative Southern musical acts in recent history??!?!

These chicks are in their late 20’s and early 30’s singing about stuff that makes an fifth grader’s swoon.  Half of the video is one of these self-proclaimed diva’s talking on a T-Mobile Sidekick with MP3 playback and video capabilities. That’s not music, it’s a commercial with a beat produced by Scott Stortch.

This whole Making the “Band” show has also made me reevaluate my stance on Puff Daddy.  When his first album “No Way Out” was released, I thought that the guy could rap.  A lot of his songs were well-produced, lyrically strong, and catchy.  Now, I have to throw all of that out the window.  Here’s my new opinion, Puffy.  You’re a hack.  You pander to the most bland and idiotic demographic and probably sit back laughing when they eat up your trash.   Trickle down ecomomics…

I’ll leave you with some lyrics from their hit song “Show Stopper”

Show stoppin’ at the latest spot
The ride shinin’ with the open top
Hydraulics make our heads go nod
Hair blowin’ in the breeze
Yo, we superstars

Oh really?  You’re Super-Stars?  Well move over Oprah and Tom Hanks…here comes Aubrey, Aundrea, D. Woods, Dawn, Shannon.

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