Man Suing Over Jimmy John’s Marketing Campaign

Atlanta, GA —An Atlanta man is suing submarine sandwich conglomerate Jimmy Johns over their “Free Smells” campaign. The man was born with an disease that affects one in 400 people. He was born with his olfactory system severely damaged and his sense of smell rendered useless. The man claims that the offer of “Free Smells” is discriminatory to people with his affliction. The man’s lawyer in a statement exclaimed, “Jimmy Johns has violated my client’s rights under the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The provision makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of any type of disability.”

Jimmy Johns responded with a statement of their own. “We would be willing to work with the defendant in order to make Jimmy John’s a more tolerant and fair establishment.” The victim has proposed a system whereby a patron would have access to all five-sense samples for free. In addition to smelling, free listening, touching, seeing and tasting of the sandwiches would be implemented in order to balance the past discriminatory practice. Jimmy John’s hopes to settle out of court to avoid any further negative publicity.

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